Faculty and Staff

A school is not just buildings and “stuff”.  Its most important treasure is what is inside those walls, the people who teach and lead, mold and mentor. The very best part of our school is the team of individuals who everyday set out to make the day remarkable.

Susquehanna Prep/Apple Tree has 16 highly motivated, full-time educators and mentors who nurture student-teacher relationships. Leading by example, many of these certified teachers possess master degrees or academic credits beyond their bachelor’s degree and are charged with teaching the core curriculum courses. An additional talented and multifaceted team of educators provides enrichment instruction in Spanish, computer literacy, art, physical education, music, library and health.

Every child is special. Our family of educators cares for your child almost as if they were their own. We see their potential and help them achieve it. We care, we share and we help you grow. We are that strong support system waving you down the lane and smiling when you cross finish line.

But the network doesn’t stop there. Our Administrative Liaisons, who welcome everyone in our front office, assist with global administrative items and serve as personal contacts for our students and parents on daily communications.

This school dynamic fosters a love of learning and rewards a love of teaching that is evident as you pass through our halls and feel the connections.