“Marvin, come on, it’s time to eat!” Betty yelled.
“Nah! I’m watching the news! Look at this… Everyone is going bankrupt. Isn’t it funny?” Marvin said.
“It’s not that funny. Just wait till we lose all our money,” Betty said.
“We will never go bankrupt,” Marvin smirked.
Marvin owned a very expensive car business called Marv’s Cars. Every morning, Marvin would walk to work. It’s ironic that he would walk because he owned a car business. However, he enjoyed walking. While Marvin was walking to work, he saw a homeless man. Joe, the homeless man, saw Marvin every morning. Joe knew Marvin was very rich. Therefore, Joe asked Marvin for money every day. Marvin always refused. That morning, Joe asked Marvin for a dime.
“I am not giving you anything… Get a life, you hobo!!!” Marvin yelled.
“But… I don’t have money,” Joe said in a very sad way.
“Get a job then!” Marvin replied while he was turning the other direction.
When Marvin arrived at work, one of his favorite employee told him that he was quitting because he was not making enough money. The employees told Marvin that he was losing so much money in stock market. Marvin told him he would pay him $100 a week, but he still refused. Marvin was really upset. He was so upset that he left early and went back to his house. Marvin never did that.
“Why you home so early?” Betty said, concerned.
“Not even talking about it!” Marvin said with anger.
Marvin relaxed outside on his patio. He was reading the newspaper he bought for a penny. While he was reading it, he saw a headline that said “Stock Market Crashing!” Marvin saw that his stock had gone down so much. He was freaking out. Marvin ripped up the newspaper and started throwing the scraps of newspaper on the floor.
When Marvin told Betty that the stock market crashed, she told him to calm down.
“Marvin, remember… We will never go bankrupt. Your words, not mine,” Betty said.
“Ahhh, I take that back!” Marvin retorted.
By the end of the week, Marvin had lost $80,000. Marvin and Betty couldn’t pay for their heat bill, water bill, and electrical bill. They had to move out of their $150,000 mansion. Marvin and Betty didn’t have enough money to buy or even rent an apartment! Marvin and Betty had to sleep outside Marv’s Cars. They brought all their pillows, blankets, and they even brought their mattress! They also brought food with them. However, while they were walking, a guy stole the plastic bag with food in it out of Betty’s hand. Marvin was too tired to chase after the thief.
The next morning, Marvin had to use a public bathroom to brush his teeth. He had to wait at least three hours in line because there were so many people in line trying to do the same thing. Almost everybody was becoming homeless because almost everybody lost their money. It came to be known as The Great Depression. While Marvin was walking back to Marv’s Cars, he asked a man if he could have money. The man refused. Joe saw Marvin walking by and looked at him.
“Now you know how I feel every time I ask you for money,” Joe said sadly.
“I guess it’s true…” Marvin said.
Marvin was walking back to Marv’s Cars where Betty and he were sleeping, and was thinking about all the times he had said no to Joe. Marvin turned around and started moving slowly toward Joe.
“Joe, I am so sorry for every time I said no. I know it wasn’t the right thing to do. Do you forgive me?” Marvin asked.
“I don’t know,” Joe replied.
“Please. I want to do something right. Please forgive me!”
“If you really want to change… say sorry to everyone you were mean to,” Joe replied.
“Okay, I will.”
“Then yes, I forgive you” Joe answered.
“Thank you so much!” Marvin cried.
Every day, Marvin apologized to at least three people a day. Over the year, Marvin apologized to at least 3,000 people. He was very relieved. About two years later, Marvin got a letter.
The letter said, “Dear Marvin, thank you for being so nice to everyone during one of the hardest parts in history. We want to give you back your house and $50,000. I hope you continue being this nice man. Thank you.”
Marvin was confused because he didn’t know who it was from. He looked on the back of the envelope. Written on the back of the envelope it said, Sincerely, Your favorite employee.