History & Philosophy

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Over 35 Years of Academic Excellence

Established in 1977, our school is licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, State Board of Private and Academic Schools. We are an early childhood development center and an elementary school. Classes offered are nursery through 8th Grade.  Apple Tree first began as a nursery school in Director, Peg Moreck’s, Kingston home. As the program thrived, parents encouraged her to move beyond preschool into elementary education. The first expansion moved Apple Tree into the former Children’s Museum Building in Forty Fort, at 1710 Wyoming Avenue. At that time, the preschool program expanded to 3rd grade. In 1996, Apple Tree purchased the adjacent Landon Annex.  This move allowed Apple Tree to unveil its current elementary division, Susquehanna Preparatory School. Today the 1710 building holds Pre-K through 2nd grades and the Landon Annex currently houses 3rd through 8th grades.


The goals of our school are four-fold. First, we focus on helping each child develop a love for learning. Second, we provide a learning environment and a curriculum that develop intellectual skills. Third, we strive to help children develop a social awareness that will enable them to work and play with others. And fourth, we encourage the acceptance of responsibility. In essence, our goal is to have each student develop into a well-rounded, self sufficient, individual, and to be the best student he/she can be.

Our school is unique because our philosophy is integrated at all levels with the concept of mastery learning and mastery teaching. The key to this approach is that students are taught skills that they are ready to learn. They are given time and encouragement to develop their skills to a level of mastery. The word failure does not exist in this philosophy. The student’s sense of accomplishment builds a strong foundation for continued learning. It also helps strengthen the student’s self-image, because the student is successful in learning the skills that are introduced.

Susquehanna Prep offers students a school experience that is so deeply gratifying that the enjoyment of learning becomes a way of life. Our ultimate goal is that each child will develop to their fullest potential and be well prepared for the next level of schooling.