Student Life

Student Life

There is no shortage of fun among our students. Susquehanna Prep/Apple Tree offers many enrichment opportunities in the classroom and beyond that are widely received. Kids have the opportunity to explore Washington DC during their eighth grade year, upper grades take part in science “Ice Wars” and grade four rejoices in the experience of hatching baby chicks. Students love the October ritual of constructing a haunted house, receiving instruction in the martial arts or taking on student leadership positions in Student Council.

Our Student Council is a great way for kids to learn about government. It also gives them the opportunity to voice their opinions and contribute to the betterment of their school. The Student Council sponsors several activities throughout the year to promote socialization and school spirit. Some activities include International Day, Spirit Week, Read Across the School, and school dances.

Students also have the opportunity to join afterschool clubs. Our dedicated staff members and outside professionals guide all the afterschool programs. Some clubs we currently offer are the glee club, dance and drama club, math madness, as well as finance, fitness, and martial arts. We also offer a homework club, which allows older students to complete work and younger students to play in groups. This can be helpful for parents whose schedule requires a later than normal pick up.

Through participation the students form special friendships and lasting bonds that are carried from year to year.

Physical Education

Developing a well-rounded, best-self student includes physical activity as well as academic acquirements. Students have formal physical education beginning in Kindergarten where sportsmanship and teamwork are taught by our physical education teacher. Our goal is to develop motor skills, coordination and overall physical fitness.  This goal is accomplished through games, exercises and activities directed to meet these objectives.

In addition, students are learning fundamentals in basketball, baseball, soccer, tennis and golf. Our new gym provides us with a  great space to achieve our goals.

Summer Camp

IMG_9990Every summer, Susquehanna Prep/Apple Tree offers programming for students young and old. Arts and crafts, outdoor sports and old-fashioned games, and computer activities, like coding and 3D design and build, are just some of the fun exciting adventures of summer camp. Summer camp enrollment is on a weekly basis. Camp takes place from early June through mid-July with additional weeks offered for extended care.