We’re blushing a little as we share…

“… This school hasn’t only made me a better student, but has shaped me into a better person through the years. Apple Tree is a unique school in the best way—between traveling gym, clubs, move-up days, and even school sleeps overs, it’s a school like no other. People remember Apple Tree and its uniqueness. When I shadowed at Seminary, people who left Apple Tree years ago still brought up the things they missed about it. I’m proud to have graduated from Susquehanna Prep and I will always have a piece of it within me….” —graduate

“I was told their reading program was superior. I have seen it first hand as my son is able to read chapter books in kindergarten.”—parent

“When I moved to this area, I didn’t have any children. With every new meaningful friendship I developed, these women shared extraordinary stories about Apple Tree. From the mouths of amazing mother’s across the Valley, the passion for the school was clear and memorable. When I had my sons, I was already convinced to enroll. The support of the teachers has been outstanding. They are willing to go the extra mile for my three boys to master new skills. The curriculum challenges them in fantastic ways and I am seeing them grow everyday. All three are now reading and helping each other over one’s shoulder. Apple Tree has become such an important piece of our life as a family and we’re so grateful Peg and her staff will guide our children through these formative years.” —parent

“Susquehanna Prep ROCKS!!! If you are looking for a school where your child will THRIVE, this is IT!”— parent

“My children’s Apple Tree/Susquehanna Prep education is the single most impactful gift I have ever
given them. The education they received prepared them to succeed in an ever-changing world. They were academically and socially ready to handle high school and beyond. I cannot thank Peg Moreck enough for the care and personal attention she and her staff showered my children with during their primary and middle school years. We will be forever grateful.” —parent

“I am amazed on a daily basis the skills that my son is learning, especially at such an
early age. The low student to teacher ratio and a strong curriculum make this possible.” – parent