Do you ever think about what you want to be or do when you grow up? Well, this question has crossed my mind too many times to count, even at my age. When I grow up I want to be an Olympic gymnast who wins gold on vault, bars, beam, floor, and all- around.

To achieve this dream I have been working on not letting my mind control me and let my arms and legs take control. Working hard is the second biggest priority because I have to be in the gym a lot to be Olympic material. Just working hard, being confident, believing, and overall faith will help me achieve my goal. Even when people crush my confidence I always get back up and prove them wrong.When this happens it can initially make me feel like I can’t do anything, but then I realize I really can do it no matter what people say.
When I think about being an Olympic gymnast it doesn’t really come to me why I want to be one but when I really deeply think about it the reasons come to me. What first came to mind was that I want to know that trying my hardest and believing got me to the highest rank ever. The next thought is because I just would love the feeling of standing up on the podium with the gold medal around my neck, knowing that I made my country proud. The final reason is that this has been my dream ever since I started this sport, and I want to keep this promise to myself and not break it, because a little girl can dream.

Olympic gymnasts have achieved the biggest thing in the world to get to the Olympics,and I want to be one of them. If I continue to be focused, believe in myself, and work hard I will be able to achieve this goal no matter what I come across. I always think about this goal,and I already can see the gold.