Four years ago I received my first guitar. It was a Christmas present I had been longing for for quite a while. Courtesy of my parents, it was a minty green color with an elaborate mermaid painted on the front and white tuning pegs. Why had I asked for a guitar? The obvious reason was that I wanted to play the simplistic instrument. However, after a summer of learning with an instructor, I gave it up. Now I want to learn again, beyond the basics I’d achieved before.
When I was temporarily playing the guitar, I enjoyed it. I started to learn how to make different sounds and play simple anthems. When I got a small callus on the palm of my hand, I remember being proud, because my dad, who also used to play the guitar, told me that guitar players usually have calluses on their hands. And I remember the sense of pride I had when I was able to perform a tune for my parents after a lesson that went well.
I stopped playing guitar, because my instructor was going to medical school. I was going to switch to a new instructor, but for some reason my desire for playing the guitar disappeared. I guess it was because I was getting bored with it, because in the beginning of my experience, I was only learning what the parts of the guitar were and practicing the same simple chords over and over again. Guitar is only truly enjoyable when you can play a song without interruption. Switching instructors was an excuse for me to call it quits.
Recently, four years later, I decided to pick up my old guitar from the corner of my closet and fiddle with the un-tuned thing. I’ve managed to learn how to play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” from reading the beginner’s method off of the internet. When I held it for the first time in years, I couldn’t help but think, I wonder how well I would be playing the guitar if I had stuck with it.
Since I know that I can play, and I have desire for it once again, I hope that one day soon I can get lessons again and play music. I will try to learn how to read music notes and memorize how to play songs, because I think playing the guitar is something valuable I can do in my free time. Playing the guitar is also something impressive that I want to say I can do as a personal accomplishment.