I started art lessons at Sue Hand’s Imagery when I was about five years old. The real reason I wanted to go was to be with my friends from kindergarten, but when my first art teacher, Laura, told me I had a gift for art, I knew that it was much more than that. I knew my goal was to be the best artist I could be.

Every year, I attempt to improve my skills double from what they were the previous year. I probably have done over a hundred drawings, paintings, pastel works, and ink drawings all together. Although I sometimes protest to my parents about going to art, I always am happier when I get there. If I didn’t do art, I’d probably not be as happy as I am today. I have bonded with many students from other schools, as well as Laura, who was my babysitter for a long time.

Art is also another way for me to express my feelings when I feel sad or distressed. When I’m drawing or painting, it’s almost like I incorporate my feelings into whatever I’m doing. It’s a way to relieve my mind of stress as well. If you did an experiment on me, I’d probably be less stressed after art than before it.

I would like to get a job relating to art or design when I grow up because when the time comes, I feel I will have a lot of experience by then. Maybe someday I’ll even become an art teacher. But for now, my goal is to increase my skill level and always do the best that I can.